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Special Forces Krav Maga Core

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Special Forces Krav Maga Core
Special Forces Krav Maga Video Course with supporting materials. Please click on the course unit to begin or continue this course.
Module 1Introduction and History of Krav Maga
Includes the history of Krav Maga, course objectives, and the importance of correct training principles before starting physical training
Unit 1The History of Krav Maga
Unit 2Course Overview
Unit 3Importance of Principles
Module 2Combative Engagement Strategy
Weapon and target flow drill, as taught to special forces. Includes a complete methodology for closing with a threat, using the most effective combative tools available in order to Control, Incapacitate, or Terminate the threat.
Unit 1Objectives, Threats, Ranges
Unit 2Long Range
Unit 3Medium Range
Unit 4Close Range
Unit 5Takedown and Neutralization
Unit 6Details and Corrections
Module 3Defensive Platforms
Our preference is to take first action and neutralize a threat. For instances when for whatever reason, we do not act first, these two defensive platforms address multiple attacks and integrate with the SF combative methodology.
Unit 1Defensive Platforms – Outside
Unit 2Defensive Platforms – Inside
Module 4Standing Position Control and Grappling
The past 10 years of war have shown a high number of hand-to-hand combat encounters, many of which involve grappling. These 4 dynamic skills and supporting drills provide tools to clear control of the body or weapons, stay on the feet, and continue our combative methodology.
Unit 1Lessons from War
Unit 2Wrist Control and Drill
Unit 3Arm Control and Drill
Unit 4Neck and Body Control
Unit 5Body Control, Defense against All Grabs
Module 5Course Downloads and Ancillary Materials
Bonus materials, worksheets, lesson plants
Unit 1Course Materials and Bonus Items