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What is the fastest way for a woman to increase her personal safety? Research the best self defence martial art? Learn self defence online? These are good options, but they are not as fast as buying a self-defense gadget. Self-defense gadgets are not usually dedicated weapons, they are improvised weapons.


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Improvised weapons are tools that serve a practical need, and can be used for self-defense in an emergency. There are many commercially available products. As a professional instructor, I advise women to focus on keyring devices unless you wish to pursue serious training or get a weapon permit. A keyring is something every adult has when away from the home.

Here is a brief list of different devices, where to source them and cost, and a few Pro’s and Con’s to each. Most are key chain devices, although there are a couple that are commonly sought that are not pocket gadgets.

Available through Amazon for about $10

Con - Available almost exclusively in male styles, and the strike won’t have enough penetration to stop an attacker.

Pro - Adds a point or stud to the hand, which can add power to strikes.

Available through Amazon for about $100

Pro - Serves a practical purpose besides that of an improvised weapon.

Con - One more item to account for, capabilities are affected by weather or climate.

($10.00, Amazon)

Pro - Proven design, and can be effective.

Con - Adds length to total keyring so it doesn’t fit as well in a pocket or purse.

($10.00, Amazon)

Pro - Has become very popular - might make a punch more effective with adequate training. 

Con - Does not allow the hand to close into a true fist. Straight punching is a trained, rather than instinctive movement. Little ears have edges that catch on things in pocket or purse.

($20, Amazon)

Pro - Makes an imposing sound and the blue electricity might scare an attacker.

Con - These put out 6,000,000 volts, which sounds like a lot - but does not have much effect. Models that have over 30,000,000 volts can be more effective, but are bigger and don’t fit on a key ring.

($10, Amazon)

Pro - Will cause tearing and affect vision if a threat is hit in the face soon enough.

Cons - Small cannister size does not have enough spraying power to hit a threat far enough away to stop him.

EDC-1 Keyring Tool - ($12.95, Self-Defense Global)

Pro – Released in 2015. Fits well in the hand and is very effective with a natural hammerfist-type strike.

Con - Is only available through one source, as Self-Defense Global wants to provide training rather than just selling gadgets.

Note - The last of these devices, the EDC-1, is my own design - a collaboration between a Krav Maga expert (me), and my colleague, who was a Navy SEAL instructor. I designed it because of the shortcomings I saw in other devices women have brought to me over the years - but any of these keyring options is going to be better than nothing.

Another positive is that these devices are so inexpensive that several can be purchased, and you can test and see which you prefer, without being out hundreds of dollars.

Give yourself a little bit of an edge, at a low cost and no inconvenience. Try one or several of the keyring devices, and let us know what you think.

Download this article as a FREE PDF Report - Use As You'd Like


I'm Eric Scott, and I'm the self-defense instructor writing most of the articles and courses on this site. I'm the founder of Self-Defense Global. I've been training and teaching self-defense for most of my life. My goal is to provide you with useful information that helps you live a safer, happier life.

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