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Refund and Return Policy

Physical Returns and Shipping

100% money back guarantee covers price of product only. 100% money back guarantee does not cover shipping and handling fee due to the fact that the customer made the decision to try the product Therefore, the customer accepts to pay the fee to ship the product.

Customers must contact our support department for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)​ number. this number must be displayed on the outside of all return packages. Returned packages without an RMA number will not be accepted.

Once a return is received or valid refund request submitted, the refund process will take no more than 30 days. All refunds will be either returned to the original credit card OR mailed by check to the billing name and address.

You have SIXTY (60) Days from the date of the original purchase to return the product to receive your refend. Any return received after the SIXTY (60) Day time limit will not be processed.

Shipping of any product from Self-Defense Global, Inc to your door will not be refunded. Shipping of the product to Self-Defense Global, Inc will not be compensated.

To ensure that your product is not lost or damaged, we strongly recommend sending the product certified mail, UPS, or Fed Ex with a tracking number. If we do not receive the product back and the customer does not have proof that the product was returned, we cannot issue a refund.

Valid proof of returning a product includes: delivery confirmation or signature required via USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS. If the customer has delivery confirmation or signature required, then a full refund iwll be issued.

Excessive returns will not be accepted. Refunds will not be given to any one customer for one specific product more than twice. There is an unlimited amount of orders that a customer can place for once specific product, but the money back guarantee is void after a customer has used it for one specific product more than twice.​

Information Products:

Monthly Subscriptions and Purchased Courses: You have THIRTY DAYS (30) Days from the date of the original purchase to request a refund for your Self-Defense Global monthly subscription or purchased course. ​

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