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Krav Maga Techniques – Straight Punch

Krav Maga Technique - straight punch

You Need a Go-Home Punch

Of all available Krav Maga techniques, the single most effective technique in the self-defense arsenal is a power straight punch. Not a kick, not a flashy move, and not a grappling sequence.


A dominant-side power punch is the single most efficient way to transfer kinetic energy from a bare hand into an opponent’s vulnerable areas - specifically from the bridge of the nose, down to the tracheal notch - and anywhere a beard would cover.

How to Punch

1 - Elbow stays tucked inside frame of body

2 - Fully rotate with shoulder touching ear

3 - Retract on same line

Krav Maga Techique Video - Straight Punch

Krav Maga Techniques Controversy: Open vs. Closed Hand Nonsense

For some reason this has become controversial, as instructors of so-called military systems state that open-handed striking is dangerous - can break the hand.

Any kind of striking or fighting is dangerous. As I say in the video - if you are in a situation in which you are using parts of your body as an impact weapon, there’s a problem. Yes, you might get hurt - but if you learn to punch really hard, with accuracy and the correct mindset - your chances of prevailing go up dramatically.

Anyone who has ever sparred a round in boxing, kickboxing, or MMA knows to watch for the dominant-side punch coming in. Not a palm heel strike, not a slap - a punch.

A closed fist has less surface area than the open hand, getting better penetration.

The skeletal alignment on a properly executed punch is better than an open-handed strike - you might hurt your outside knuckles, but won’t break your wrist or fingers.

The mechanics of an open-handed strike are less efficient if the wrist is protected - turning out the fingers moves the elbow away from the body.

Open-handed strikes can be useful with odd angles or when someone is pressing up against your body.

If you want to use open-handed strikes, you will get much better at them if you practice power punching combinations and timing.

Power punching an important part of Krav Maga techniques training - and is part of our free POWER-6 training course. This 7-part video series teaches you how to safely start training - or supplement your training with a friend.

There’s a specific order to learn and practice in, which can save you hours...days...even years if you follow the model.

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