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SElf-defense global introductory courses

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Introductory Courses
Introduction to Krav Maga, EDC Krav Maga Tool Training, and Introduction to Contact Training courses.
Module 1Introduction to Krav Maga
Introduction to Krav Maga principles, use of force, and threat identification. Required information and knowledge prior to physical training.
Unit 1Introduction to Krav Maga E-book
Unit 2The Threat
Unit 3The Rules
Unit 4Preemption
Unit 5Objectives
Module 2EDC - The Krav Maga Self-Defense Tool
Basic self-defense training for using the EDC device, including every day carry considerations and technique.
Unit 1EDC Training E-book
Unit 2Stance and Hammerfist
Unit 3Every Day Carry Considerations
Unit 4Starting Contact Training