learn to stop violence and lead a safer, happier life

There's a Promise we all made a long time ago...

“I’m going to be able to protect myself, and people I care about.”

There’s never been enough time to learn the skills. The training you’ve seen didn’t look like it would work, was too expensive or took too much time. In the end, you’ve tried to forget about it - and hope for the best.

Once in a while, violence touches your life through something that happens in your neighborhood, your community - or within your group of friends. The old promise comes back to mind and you think “what would I do in that situation?”

What could you do?

Now, the promise of learning real self-defense and self-reliance has never been easier to keep. All it takes is the right equipment, training, and the decision to get started.

The same type of training provided to elite military and law-enforcement units is now available to civilians through Self-Defense Global. It won’t take years, and it won’t cost a fortune.


A NEW APPROACH - Until now, Krav Maga self-defense courses required expensive club memberships. working within a set schedule, and travel time to and from a facility. Online and video instruction includes lots of techniques, but no guidance on how to safely practice skills or improve them.

Our products include everything you need to build real-life skills - so you can live in peace.

Self-Defense Global products include 3 parts that work together for YOU:



Unique, custom-designed products designed to aid your training



Engaging short Krav Maga video training included with each product - no subscription required



E-book references with everything you need to safely practice and build skills

How It Works

  • Compressed Training TimeElite Military and Law Enforcement units do not spend months or years on unarmed self-defense. They receive short, intensive, high quality Krav Maga training with an emphasis on drills and tactics. Our curriculum teaches enough to get you started safely, and then gets you to work.
  • Unique Delivery Model - The problem with many self-defense systems and courses is the burden put on the trainee - to learn, remember, and recall too many techniques...under incredible stress. Using cutting-edge cognitive mapping techniques, Self-Defense Global has developed special system for learning, recalling, and referencing techniques called our ReadySets. Easy to Learn, Easy to Remember, There when you Need It. (™)
  • Partner-Driven vs. Instructor-Driven - We have developed our online curriculum and products without dependence on an individual instructor, a facility, or an organization. Once you have it, it’s yours. We will teach you how to be a trainer while you’re learning yourself.
  • Modular - Not everyone has the time, money, or desire to become a self-defense expert. Whether you want to spend 15 minutes to gain immediate skill or invest months of time in training, we can help. Develop the skill level you want based on your life and your interests. Each product builds upon the last one, laying additional skills and capabilities.

Why Self-Defense Global Krav Maga Training?

The average adult self-defense student trains Krav Maga two hours per week. Two hours. What skills are the most vital?

We often meet students who have trained for several years who STILL don’t know the content that is offered in the Israel Defense Force’s basic 21 hour program offered to soldiers.

​Most programs are focused on MORE techniques - MORE content, longer training times, subscription fees for online training….and more money, of course. This runs counter to our experience of what you'll really need in a life-threatening situation.

As more realistic programs like Krav Maga and MMA have become more main stream, many schools teach in a very technique-driven way that has become more and more like traditional martial arts training.​

Our products include everything you need to be successful building real-life skills - except a good training partner.

What is the Essence of Self-Defense?

How do we distill practical self-defense down to its essence - what is necessary? It needs to be simple, without being simplistic. You’ll need some basic gear. You’ll need some training. You’ll need a plan to practice - a training mission.

We built Self-Defense Global Krav Maga training offerings to provide the best answers possible for difficult questions - putting your needs at the center of the experience. Our training is superior because we are asking better questions.

  • What could you learn in 15 minutes that would truly be effective - measurably, provably, substantially improve your capabilities? DELIVERED (EDC-1 August, 2015)
  • What could you learn in only 2 hours that beats months of training in group classes? DELIVERED (POWER-6 October, 2015)
  • How could you learn basic self-defense in under 2 weeks? COMING SOON  (Special Forces Core Krav Maga - December, 2015)
  • What and How do Israeli Special Forces really train to become the best hand-to-hand combat experts in the world? ANSWER - It's NOT what you think! More on this later...

Next Challenge: what if we would never be face-to-face with you, but had to teach you in such a way you could safely practice with a friend who is learning at the same time?

How to compress and pass on the knowledge...

The answers we offer are truly innovative. We've taken the collective knowledge gained training thousands of people, and created a process that can make intensive, safe, personalized instruction available to anyone who wants to learn.

​You see, the majority of what we have learned has something that is cool about it - but is not essential.  There are a surprisingly small number of key techniques we rely on, and then a larger set of drills and conditioning exercises we offer to make sure you can use these basics. Anyone can do this.

We're going to teach you what to look for to be an instructor – from the beginning. Not certify you to teach classes, but to be able to train safely and productively with a partner. The technology and tools are available to finally do this, and now you’ll have access to the formula you need to make rapid progress.

Want to learn more? Take advantage of one of our free training courses. You're not obligated in any way. As always - we won't send you spammy BS - Ever. Promise.

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Who Is Behind All This?

I'm Eric Scott, a 29 year veteran of martial arts, with 15 years of Krav Maga training.

I'm a Krav Maga Black Belt who is lucky enough to own a commercially successful school in Kansas City, Missouri, where I still teach as much as possible.​

My passion is sharing what I've learned with others, and now I want to share these life-saving lessons with you.

You can read more about me here.​​